Huko directly develops and produces systems, solutions and algorithms to detect specific data necessary and functional to the goals set by its Data Analysis department, aimed at obtaining metrics and KPIs or to identify and monitor Shopper behavioural patterns in retail environments.

In particular, it creates:

  • systems and platforms capable of delivering services such as a guest wi-fi with various utility and Shopper engagement services and at the same time using highly advanced algorithms to analyse and monitor the online experience of Shoppers (Showrooming), thus achieving online and offline convergence in practical terms
  • Fidelity & Digital Apps
  • systems and platforms for data modelling and artificial intelligence based on Big Data Analysis
  • Analytics systems and platforms
  • Retail management systems
  • custom algorithms and devices that meet the specific needs of customers

To date, Huko is the only company in the world able to customise, for individual operators or target markets, the entire ecosystem consisting of the analytics platform that represents the end result capable of producing data, indicators, KPIs, information and knowledge also at the basis of predictive models.  

Huko is the only player in the world today able to customise, for the individual project or customer, not only the analytics final solution-platform but also devices, algorithms or solutions to produce the unique and exclusive data that is necessary and functional for the analytical result of the project.

This is why Huko is the go-to global partner for creating highly complex projects for leading groups in sectors such as retail chains, mall-outlets, CPGs-supermarkets, public places-stations-airports-museums, smart cities-hotels.

All devices and solutions produced by Huko are natively integrated with each other, allowing significant economies of scale and the unification of all the information present in the different platforms; the result is the elimination of the misalignment and data redundancy problems typically found in non-integrated architecture.

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