Huko is a player whose globally unique body of expertise enables it to analyse data provided in retail environments by system and device manufacturers. In addition, it allows the company to directly develop and produce devices and systems that will detect specific data required for the functional objectives of the department Data Analyst, useful for obtaining metrics and KPIs or identifying and monitoring shopper behavioural patterns in retail environments.

Huko is the only company in the world to develop and produce:

  • entrance detection devices that simultaneously monitor behavioural patterns using RGB, Stereoscopic and 3D Laser technology, integrating sophisticated Artificial Intelligence algorithms
  • Shopper profiling devices
  • devices that detect emotional impact on Shoppers, based on video analysis of facial expressions, tone of voice and semantic analysis
  • devices that monitor presence, routes and behaviour of Shoppers through Bluetooth, BLE, GSM and UMTS-2G-3G-4G signals from Shoppers' smartphones
  • devices based on 3D technology capable of detecting Shoppers' interactions with products and the store and their buying behaviour, for precise detection of drop points
  • systems and devices that can detect Shoppers' interactions with products and displays, for effective implementation of Proximity and In-Store Marketing policies
  • devices for monitoring staff efficiency in Shopper engagement

All devices and solutions produced and engineered by Huko are natively integrated with each other, allowing significant economies of scale and the unification of all the information present in the different platforms; the result is the elimination of the misalignment and data redundancy problems typically found in non-integrated architecture.

Huko detection devices (sometimes developed for specific projects and contractors) are also distinguished by their capacity for aesthetic harmonisation with commercial spaces, as well as their quality and durability.

The devices developed and produced by Huko are designed with Cloud Based architecture and can work through Ethernet and Wi-Fi connection.

All devices and solutions developed by Huko are privacy compliant and meet the strictest international standards of privacy protection.

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