Huko Hotel Analytics will transform your hotel chain into a truly multichannel and guest-friendly network. It will make your guest experience a unique and personal one, improving services while reducing operating costs

We cannot explain all benefits of Huko Hotel Analytics System fully as they are endless and we are discovering new ones day after day along with our customers

Staffing Optimization

Optimize staff presence in accordance with analytic rationales to optimize the response to customer requests

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Huko Staff Engagement Monitoring

Monitors staff service efficiency in Customer engagement in the Hotels

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Shopper dynamics maps

Understand how customers move inside the Hotel

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Showrooming Analytics

Measure the impact and dynamics of Showrooming in each Hotel to transform it into a growth opportunity for the hotel chain

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POS Integration

Benefit from the advantages of a unique platform that combines customer's economic, financial, process and behavioural data

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Guest Wi Fi & CRM

Wi-Future the easy to use Guest Wi-Fi & CRM with advanced functions

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Proximity Marketing

Making Proximity Marketing an exceptionally effective marketing tool in the Hotel

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Huko marketing & events platform

Manage campaigns and events based on the true ROI for each one

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Loyalty & Digital App management

To combine the on-line experience with the in-Hotel experience creating an intense Guest Experience, transforming a marketing tool into an indispensable and engaging application

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Avatar - Virtual identity

This enables guests who do not have the APP to enjoy a stimulating, interactive, shopping experience with no required continuity between on-line and off-line, while permitting management of the chain to discover the potential of having total control of all factors that it comprises

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Avatar - proactive alerting

An Alert system that warns sales and service staff when a VIP client comes into the Hotel and specific area, and gives useful information to guide and manage the interaction

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Huko Interactive Digital Signage & Digital Solutions envelops guests in an engaging, customized omnichannel experience

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